Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kielbasa and Roasted Pepper Trio

Once again we have another "no recipe" recipe using my slow cooker. I chose to make this because it was something I could make ahead of time and it gave a great secondary meat option at a gathering. To prep this ahead of time I roasted some cubanelle, poblano and red peppers. When they were cooled I removed the skin and seeds and cut them into strips. Next I prepped my kielbasa by cutting it into pieces. The next day I browned the kielbasa pieces in a pan (in batches) and combined that with the peppers in the slow cooker. Once it is warmed through people can dig in. You can also serve this with some small rolls so people can make mini sandwiches.


  1. We love kielbasa and I am always looking for new ways to serve it, thanks for the idea.